volcanic eruption by Jonathan

This terms topic is topic is natural disasters and I dicided that I am going to focus on volcanic earuptions but specificly I wanted to focus on one of the greatest volcanic eruptions in history and people call it the mighty mt vesuvius

DETAILS- Date-August 24, 79 AD-Where-Rome(Itally), Pompeii-How long did it last-In 25 hours it wiped out the whole city of Pompeii (Rome(Itally)

This is a really cool vedio that explaines quite a lot hope you enjoy it

This is just some general information-Mt vesuvius, on the west of Italy is the only active volcano in Euroupe. It is known for its eruption in 79 AD when it completly wiped out the city of Pompeii. Mt vesuvius is one of the most dangerouse volcano in the world due to the large population of the city Naples and the surounding of the slopes near by meaning that when the great beast eruptes all the force and heat and lava will be able to run down quiker than normal.

The volcano is clased as a stratovolcano because its eruptions include explosions and gigantic eruptions. under vesuvius scientists have discovered that the is a tear in the african plate this alowes heat from the Earths mantle layer to melt rock of the African plate that causes pressure and that makes an violent volcanic eruption.


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