Restoring Health Wendy's Story

Wendy never misses a meeting. As the secretary of the community commission, she’s faithful, conscientious, and hopeful. This year has taught Wendy to be incredibly resilient.

In Caliche, we visit her front porch. Through hushed tones, she shares her news. Her husband, Jose, has a brain tumor. She’s recovering from a stroke. Her son, Marvin, passed away earlier this year.

Wendy's Family in their Caliche home

Quiet tears turn to a faint smile. She recounts Marvin’s kind compassion and care for the community’s children. He left a mark on all he loved.

Slowly, Wendy has regained use of her left side. Supported by her daughter, Isis, and son, Oliver, she cares for her farm. Piglets and calves represent new beginnings.

Oliver and a neighbor boy look after the cattle
Wendy's pigs are part of an HTH-collaborative initiative and have blessed her family and the community over the past several years.
Isis had to drop out of nursing school due to COVID and the needs of her family, but she is hoping to return soon, still hanging on to her dream of eventually becoming a doctor.

Displaying the fortitude so prevalent in Caliche, Wendy remains focused:

“I haven’t stopped attending community meetings. Since the stroke, I can't always do everything I once could, but I can still be present. We’ve had a hard year, but we have a lot of work to do. I’m not giving up.”

When you stand with HTH, you walk with Wendy. As she rebuilds her health, hope is restored--for her family, and for her community.