Cloning the process of generating a genetically identical copy of a cell or an organism. When humans are cloned cells such as skin cells go through mitosis. Sperm and gametes Undergo meiosis. It is currently used now woth animals mostly. There are ethical issues with cloning embryos. Some peopeo think it is wrong.

Some benefits of cloning are: it can be used to help diseases, can make new organs, can help heal people. Some problems are: it takes a long time, it's not easy, and sometimes the cloned thing has problems or doesn't function like it should. They use technology to transfer the cells to an egg to clone some thing. Knowing the Human Genome could be very helpful because then the scientist would know exactly what DNA sequence the object they were trying to clone has.
Genetically Modified Organisms are plants, animals, or organisms that has been modified using recombinant DNA methods, gene modification, or transgenic teChnology.
GMO's are currently used. Yes, there are ethical issues involving the use of GMO's some people think that they trigger allergies, and can harm the environment. Some benefits of GMO's are: they help plants have better resistance to, weeds, droughts, pests, and diseases, they also make foods last longer, and produce more. Scientist use technology to research how to modify genes, traits, and phenotypes of foods. People use the Human Genomes for breeding techniques.
Scientist use Stem cell research in both adult and embryonic cells. In adults scientist grow cells for bone marrow transplants. When scientist use embryonic cells they actually take the cells out of a women before the baby is born. Scientist research the cells that they take out of the women and try to heal diseases. It is currently used now. Yes, there are ethical issues many people believe that when they take cells from a mother it kills the baby. Some people believe the baby has not formed in any way yet. Benefits are it can help many people that are in desperate need of transplants. Some problems are it doesn't always work. Technology is used when scientist put the cells on scaffolds for weeks as they grow. Knowing the Human Genome is helpful because scientists can know exactly what codons to use to make the organ function properly.
DNa finger printing is using dna probe to identify Genes that match a Criminal sUspects. Crime scene investigations are usually a long process they Are responsible for many things such as collection, preservation, packaging, transportation, and documentation of physical evidence left at a crime scene.
Fingerprinting and crime investigating are both used now. There are no ethical problems. Some problems with DNA fingerprinting is it is not always 100% accurate. Some problems with crime investigating are: careless handling of the evidence could mess up the evidence, and the weather and things could make evidence get lost or damaged. Benefits of DNA fingerprinting are: it helps solve crimes, people can determine what disease they can be predisposed to by their fingerprint, and it can help people know more about their family background. Benefits of crime scene investigating are: the physical evidence left behind can help investigators know how a person died, and how the problem happened. For finger printing, and crime scenes investigators use technology such as: using gloves, bags, dust to see finger prints, backlights and organized ways to label the bagged items. Knowing the Human Genome could definitely help investigators find out who committed the crime a lot easier.
Personal ancestry is finding out your family tree. Paternity kits are used for people who don't know who their parents are. Scientist take a pinprick of blood from the child, then take some from the mother and some from the supposed father. If half the moms DNA and half the dads DNA match. That is the child's father. Yes, both things are currently used right now. There are no ethical issues. A few benefits of ancestry are people can go way back, and find out important things about their heritage. Some problems of personal ancestry are: costing money to find out, takes time, and aren't always 100% accurate. Some benefits of paternity kits are children can find out who their dad is. The problems are: some kids don't know who their dad could be so they wouldn't be able to get blood from them. Scientist use test tubes to store the blood. Scientist also have labs to store the blood. Knowing the Human Genome could help scientist match the blood exactly.
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique used in molecular biology to amplify a single copy or a few copies of a segment of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. Gel electrophesorisis Gel electrophoresis is a laboratory method used to separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or proteins according to molecular size.
They're both used currently. There are no ethical issues with using these things, because they help people. Benefits of using PCR is scientist use it on dead and living things. One down side to using PCR is cost. A benefit of gel electrophoresis is it helps scientist figure out the length of DNA fragments. One bad thing about it is it is a long process. Technology is used when scientist have to use gels, and machines to determine these things. Knowing the Human Genome would help PCR so the codons could match up easier.
Plasmids also know as vectors. They help multiply particular genes. Recombinant DNA helps combine multiple sources to create sequences. Transgenic organisms are organisms that have altered genomes. These things are all used currently to research things. Some benefits are all of these things are used to heal people, and prevent people from getting certain sicknesses. Some problems are they aren't always 100% accurate. If scientists knew the human genome it would help them recombinant DNA.
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