Nagra Newsletter December 2019

New Nagra HD AMP 2020

New HD AMP 2020

Nagra reference amplifier the HD AMP has been updated and the results is much more headroom, refinements and warmth!

All current HD AMP can be upgraded, contact your dealers for more information. The new version will simply be called HD AMP 2020



The Nagra HD PREAMP also has an update called HV. The HV, for high voltage, boards have been redesigned with larger capacitors and a more silent power supply. It improves the sound of the HD PREAMP with more energy, dynamic and full body.These new HV boards are installed on all HD PREAMP since January 2019

HD Line new Remote

Nagra HD PREAMP remote with its charging station, are being shipped to all our HD PREAMP. The HD DAC X version will soon follow.

The HD DAC X Exceeds what we ever dreamed about !


Since the HD DAC X and TUBE DAC can play DSD 256 (also called DSD 4x) and DXD (352kHz/24Bit) here is a selection of DSD / DXD download music stores:







Nagra HD Tour Events around the world !

In the past few months the Nagra HD Line and Classic Line were demonstrated in major events all around the world

Seoul, South Korea

What a show it was in Tokyo !!! Thank you to all our partners : Our distibutor Uchida-san Taiyo International, Inc., Nobu-san, Miura-san from Stereo Sound, Herr Matthias Boede from Stereo Magazine. This full Nagra HD system (HD DAC X, HD PREAMP and HD AMP) was played along with the new Brinkmann Audio Taurus turnetable, Cardas Audio cables, and Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. racks along with Avalon Acoustics, Inc. SAGA and Eidolon Diamond speakers.


Musical day at Rhapsody’s shop

Melody CLUB, Athens
HiFi Natali, Italia


Musical Artisans in Chicago presented a full Nagra HD system including the HD Preamp HV, HD AMP 2020 and the most recent introduction, the HD DAC X was playing in the main listening room. Rockport Technologies Cygnus loudspeakers and a full suite of Argento Audio Cables revealed the extraordinary magic of these world class components.

Musical Artisans, Chicago

A second system with Nagra Classic INT and the smaller Rockport Atria II loudspeakers was also quite revealing.

Filtronique, Montréal
David Michael Audio, Detroit
David Michael Audio, Détroit
Tone of music, San Francisco
Tone of Music, San Francisco
Element acoustics, Vancouver
CommonWave, Los Angeles
Goodwins High-End, Boston
Goodwins High-End, Boston


A short glimpse into the future HD PHONO. So far we are evaluating the gain stage. A few weeks of tests on various condensers and we can move to the next step. The promise is a striking sound, natural and full bodied. This is also the base of a future super resolution microphone preamplifier! The HD Phono will offer 3 inputs and can optionally be an HD Tape-head too! We know the world is waiting for it!

Available around end of 2020, price to be announced during the High End in Munich.

6 moons reviews on the Classic PSU

6moons review of the ClassicPSU

SME SYNERGY, all-in-one turntable has been awarded the TEMPTATION Award by WHAT Hi-FI!!!

The TEMPTATIONS’ award is bestowed on one product a year that is really outstanding and unique. Nagra is proud to feature the SME SYNERGY ’s phono stage and thanks SME and his team for their support and confidence.

Thank you Audio Video Magazine (Brasil) for this beautiful and really great review of the HD PREAMP


Nagra Classic PREAMP and Classic AMP review

Overall, the Nagra Classic preamp sounded extremely neutral and natural with a very even tonal balance. These qualities are to be expected given Nagra’s history in professional audio and studio recordings.


ClassicAmp ..it kicked as hard as the Bryston which is three times more powerful than it is.The Nagra’s sonic signature was neutral and natural with no hint of stridency or sibilance. It was a smooth operator with great poise and prowess.


Nagra Pro

Nagra IV-S refurbished

AES New York

Experience the Nagra Tube DAC, Nagra VI and AUDEZE headphones at the AES NY ! AUDEZE stand at AES New York.
Nagra TUBE DAC / Classic PSU at the AES New York
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