Our Ecosystem By: Ayla Everything SHOUld be used

So what might happen if the grass is gone? Well the deer will die so will the birds. Then the preterits will die after the deer and the birds etc die. We will have to become vegetarians or we will die, soon we will run out of food and die. Then everything will die the land will be dull and dead.

But also we make things happen that makes the animals die or have no home example, we use most of the land for homes streets and farms. We make forest fires to burn animal homes down, chop down trees, make smoke, kill animals for food, take away animal homes. I know we don't really mean to take away animal homes and etc but we do it so we can live. We also sometimes take the land for unnecessary things like 8 miles of land for crops. But, we also use it for animals like horses that we tamed. We sometimes use it for small stores like restrooms and little mini houses or wells, we also use it for gas stations. I got this info from PG. 340 Theme reader.

A dead tree.
Living trees

If you would have picked which was better/which one you liked the most I bet you picked the living trees. How are living things connected? Well, they all die at some point sometimes they produce many things they leave compost that help the ground and animals for food, they give each other a place to live (Like trees and bushes.) They all have a family, and they all belong somewhere. Unlike dead things they have no where to be sometimes like a burned down tree if some owls came there to be safe from predators I bet you the tree would have been easy defeated because it was dead/weak making it so its easy to take down just by a simple touch the owls would be dinner for the hawk. And bees need the flowers for pollen, and the flowers need the bees to spreed the pollen. I got this from PG. 322 Theme reader.

A fox sleeping in the wild
A tree letting baby birds live in it.

That's all I have for now! You can get more information if you read a theme reader or a science book.


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