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Guillermo Loayza is the owner and CEO of Setmix Products, a family business involved over the last twenty years in the manufacturing of protective coatings and additives for the repair, reinforcement and protection of concrete substrates and concrete structures.

With a master’s degree in Business Administration centering on quality management, Guillermo also stresses how SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings has best prepared him in the international protective coatings market: “I’m always focused on doing things the right way, I have achieved certifications from SSPC, including Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) certification, Quality Control Supervisor (QCS), Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C2), Industrial and Safety Training.

In 2017, Guillermo working in collaboration with his fellow Ecuadorian members of SSPC formed the SSPC Ecuador Chapter and was elected as the chapters first Chairperson. Guillermo is actively involved on the SSPC International Standards Advisory Group, SSPC C.8.2. Commercial Coating Materials standards committee, elected member of the Latin American Advisory Council to SSPC and committee member with the ACI 515 Protective Systems Committee.

Let’s get into my “Five Questions Interview” with Guillermo. Loayza.

Jim: For readers of this interview, please tell us who Guillermo Loayza is?

“Guillermo: I’m the Owner and CEO of Setmix Products, which is an Ecuadorian manufacturer of protective coatings that was established as a family-owned business just over twenty years ago. In my professional background, I am specialized in the repair, reinforcement and protection of concrete industrial structures as well as institutional and commercial concrete flooring.”

“In 2018, I obtained a Master’s in Business Administration and Quality Management and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. I have always seen the need on being able to do the right thing and do it the right way; this is why I’m involved with SSPC. Over the last few years, I have obtained my SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS) Certification and completed other trainings like Quality Control Supervisor (QCS) and SSPC C1 and SSPC C2.”

“I’m also actively involved with SSPC Ecuador Chapter as the chapter Interim-chairperson and an elected Representative on the Latin American Advisory Council to SSPC. To give back to the global protective coatings industry, I’m participating with the ACI 515 Protective Systems Committee, SSPC International Standards Advisory Group, and SSPC C.8.2 Commercial Coating Materials Standard Committee; all three are related to concrete repair and protecting.”

Jim: Where do you see the protective coatings industry in Ecuador heading, over the next ten years?

Guillermo: “Because of regional initiatives by SSPC and SSPC Ecuador Chapter in the region, I have see more interaction between facility owners, contractors, coating manufactures and other professionals who support the coatings industry in Ecuador.”

“As a result of this interaction, the emphasis has shifted from getting the job done quickly, to focus on getting the job done right the first time; quality is key. The mission of the SSPC Ecuador Chapter is to continually promote and be actively involved in the development of programs for protective coatings, surface preparation, coatings application, inspection and other areas of the industry. We want continuous improvement and we also want to see these programs in our own native Spanish language.”

Jim: What is the role of SSPC Ecuador Chapter within the protective coatings industry in Ecuador?

Guillermo: “To extend and promote the SSPC mission within Latin America. Increased awareness within Ecuador of things to come within out industry has brought a new excitement to the market. As a chapter, we want to have owners and clients of industrial assets to understand the importance of battling corrosion with the proper use of protective coatings, qualified contractors, trained and qualified skilled industrial surface preparation and painting/coating application craftworkers, and experienced certified coatings inspectors.”

Top: SSPC Protective Coating Inspector (PCI) Course in Quito, Ecuador. Bottom: Setmix Products Installed

Jim: As a company involved in concrete admixtures, protective coatings, and installation services, how can manufactures and contractors benefit from involvement with SSPC?

Guillermo: “For my company, it has always been about maintaining the technical criteria at every moment: manufacturing, design, supervision of the application of industrial protective coatings whether steel or concrete will start to deteriorate as soon as they are exposed to the environment and aggressive corrosion agents. Many mistakenly think that concrete does not need to be protected, education against that belief is something my company addresses on a daily basis.”

Jim: Guillermo, you’re running for a position on the SSPC Board of Governors, why should SSPC members vote for you?

Guillermo: “Becoming part of the SSPC Board of Governors is an honor within the global protective coatings industry and a responsibility of the highest order, and I fully understand what an important position it is in defining the future of SSPC; especially when it comes to the organization’s activities within Latin America.”

“I will do my best to contribute beyond what I have been doing for SSPC in Ecuador and focus on the international growth of the organization.”

SSPC Ecuador Chapter 2018 Technical Seminar, Photo: Guillermo Loayza (Far Right), Guillermo Loayza Sr. (Inside Right), Bill Worms (Inside Left), Jim Kunkle (Far Left)

In his candidate bio used during the 2019 SSPC Board of Governors election, Guillermo closed his bio by saying, “I know I will do my best to contribute beyond what I have been doing with the activities for the establishment of SSPC Ecuador Chapter and the Latin American Advisory Council to SSPC as well, sharing any ideas and experiences I could, while I continuously keep learning from industry experts at the same time. It’s an important fact so that our Latin-American countries will surely benefit.”

I want to thank Guillermo for taking time and for participating with my “Five Questions” interview.

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Jim Kunkle, PCS - SSPC Manager of Business Development

Published, June 2019

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