SOUND HEARTH: a reimagined home soirée The same intimate performances, now with more from the artists: their stories, art, and conversation.

Although performances in large concert halls are certainly moving, all too often, the performers seem to be no more tangible than actors on a screen. Sound Hearth aims to recreate the intimacy of original concert settings and provide a familiar and ample conduit for interaction between the artists and audience.

Great artists often devote the same discipline and intellectual curiosity to music as they do other creative pursuits. Consequently, Sound Hearth is a new space to experience active, artistic leaders in a fun and meaningful way. During the course of the season, each Sound Hearth concert will include not only a musical performance, but also readings, questions and answers, and even lawn games!

Ultimately, we hope that you’ll be able to connect more authentically with not only the performing artists but with other community members and fellow arts advocates.

More than a performance, Sound Hearth is a complete evening where one can truly experience a holistic portrait of an artist: their work in mediums beyond music and the creative sources informing their varied output are interwoven during the course of the night.

Presented in beautiful homes and set against breathtaking mountain scenery, performers range from Grammy-winning bluegrass fiddlers to classical musicians championing both dynamic new works and familiar masterpieces alike.

Trade your smartphone for a glass of wine and enjoy the journey of conversation with friends old and new, infused with the presence of some of the most talented artists of the day.

Enjoy these SOUND HEARTH performances this summer:

Tickets to all Sound Hearth performances include a $110 Tax Deduction.

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