About -This page is designed to show you what is going on in Mrs. Eckard's 4th Grade class throughout the school year.

4th grade at Gettysburg!
Fun on the farm
Getting to see the baby animals!
4th Grade at the Schott Farm!
Fine arts!
Students learning in class!
Student of the month
Maryland Project!
Students enjoying the warm weather this week
Valentines day!
Receiving their medals!
Making Olympic Torches!
4th Grade dresses up for the Olympics!
Straight A's!
Receiving awards!
4th Grade with their awards!
Academic Chapel
Dress Down Day
Spiritual Revival with Pastor Kenny Baldwin!
Spirit week class photo
4th grade dressing up for career day
International Chapel
Spirit week!
4th grade with their parents in chapel!
Saying goodbye to Win Dixie
Practicing for the Christmas Program!
Students making apple turkeys
Other 4th graders pledging
4th grade pledges in class
Parents join their kids in chapel
Students with the Veterans
4th grade presenting at the Veteran's Day program.
4th and 5th grade singing together
Students with their parents at the awards chapel!
Students receive their well-deserved awards!
4th grade bringing things that they enjoy into class
4th grade at the assembly!
Having fun at Chapel!
We love pep rallies!
Grandparents get to see their grandchildren and meet the class pet!
Students showing their knowledge to their grandparents!
4th grade enjoying their day with their parents and grandparents!
Students present their book report by drawing out their story and explaining it
Class photo at the walk-a-thon!
4th Grade has fun with other activities.
4th Graders running with other elementary students
Joshua Schott, 4th Grade, receives student of the month award
Students working hard in class
Students having fun working on projects
4th graders finally hold their pet!
4th grade playing on the playground
Class picnic!
Library education!
Fun at the park with parents.
Jenna and Lucas are hut but will be back to their normal selves soon!
Fun in the parking lot!
4th Grade together in the gym
Students having fun in the gym!
Grant Jarboe ready for superhero day!
Students getting ready for chapel
The class had a visitor this week, Shaili Weston, the class was happy to add another girl
Kids pose for a class picture with their hampster
The kids pose for a fun picture with the hampster
4th Grade students posing for a picture
4th Grade opens chapel
Parents join their kids at chapel on Monday
First day of school!
Back to school night

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