My Grandpa and the Vietnam WAR

My grandpa was a soldier in the vietnam war. His job was a door gunner/helicopter machine gunner, but first a little bit about the war.

This war was the U.S. against the south Vietnam. More than 3 million people were killed including 58,000 Americans. More than half of the 3 million were Vietnamese civilians. Red crimson liquid smothered the ground. 500,000 people were involved at the peak of the fighting. Not many people liked the war and when the soldiers came home people were rude to them.

It was hard to loose a buddy in war, so people would try there best to help the wounded.

Now, onto my grandpa's story……

My grandpa, David Ferdinand Lief, left home in 1967, and went off into the war.

My grandpa went to school in Virginia, and then went and trained in Fort Nox. It was hard training.

After his school and training were finished he went on a big boat to ride across the water to Vietnam. It took 21 days. It was not a fun trip.

Some soldiers in a boat.

Some enemies would try to plant bombs under the boat so It would sink under the deep blue water, but they where usually caught and the U.S soldiers killed the people trying to plant the bombs.

Then my grandpa went to a camp in Laos. He also got to see a sacred mountain while he was there.

Then my grandpa flew out on his first mission. He shot down a few helicopters that shot and blew up in magnificent smoke and flames.

The battles were tough and then finally my grandpa went off on his last mission.

Then he moved from machine gunner to helicopter fixer. He fixed up the bad helicopters and made them work better.

Then after the long war he flew home by airplane (which took 18 Hours) and came home.


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