Total Loss Robyn miller, Samantha nolet, maddie genier, holly-kendra metcalfe,molly thomson, rodolfo alexaNdre

SCENE 1: 5 drunk girls stumble out of dimly lit bar.
Walking down the sidewalk.
[Person 1] Glances down at shoes and starts slowly taking them off.
The 4 other girls continue walking. Person 1 looks up and realizes they are all gone.
Walks in the opposite direction
SCENE 2: 4 girls walking down the street.
[Person 2] pulls out a beer from her purse.
She takes a swig of it. Flashing red and blue light.
Cop walks sternly towards the girls
[Person 5] "Run!"
The girls run away from the cop
[Person 2] Slowly jogs away.
Cop catches up to her and cuffs her hands behind her back. She looks disappointed.
SCENE 3: 3 girls are still frantically running. They make it on the bus just in time.
Sitting from right to left [Person 5], [Person 4], [Person 3]. [Person 3] turns her head dazedly to see a guy sitting beside her.
She starts chatting him up. He is clearly not interested.
The rest of the girls get off the bus at Sheridan, leaving [Person 3] behind with the uninterested guy.
SCENE 4:[Person 4] looks extremely tired, slows down. Both girls walk to the Sheridan S
[Person 4] Stops and yawns, she sits down and crawls into a ball
[Person 5] Looks behind at [Person 4] exasperation on her face.
She goes over and tries to wake her up. Gives up out of frustration. Continues to walk on.
SCENE 5: [Person 5] Murmurs: "I gotta make, I gotta make it."
She makes it into the building. Sits down on a bench.
SCENE 6 POV of [Person 5] waking up to see [Person 1,2,3] looming over her with an unimpressed look.
She stands up so she's level with them
The girls continue walking now with [Person 5] [Person 1] "Oh by the way, we got a new assignment"
SCENE 7 POST CREDIT [Person 4] Dazedly wakes up on the ground
"Ah fuck"

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