September 15th-21st 4th and 5th Grade

Materials you will need

  • ✏️ Pencil
  • Sketchbook (or practice paper)

Distance Learners Task

  1. 👀 Watch the video below (5 minutes)
  2. Write 10 specific things that you love about Minnesota (sports, weather, icons, foods, the people...) (10 minutes)
  3. ✏️ In your sketchbook, divide a page into 4 sections. In each section draw the shape of a Minnesota. This does not have to be perfect! See the photo under the video for an example.(15 minutes)
  4. ✏️ In each of the states, draw what you love about Minnesota as suggested in the video. (30 minute)
On the left is idea from students of what they love about Minnesota. On the right, you see the four Minnesota's for brainstorming ideas on.
Adam Turmans Work

This project will take several weeks to complete. We will have a show and tell when we are done making the project.

If you have questions, email Mrs Hahn: Nichole.Hahn@isd728.org

Created By
Nic Hahn