Cosmetics Empowering to have CONFIDENCE

Bella is 15 years old and is now learning how to use makeup. She now enjoys buying some of her makeup at stores such as Sephora, Target, and Mac. Bella is really excited because tonight is her best friend Valerie's birthday party. It's her first night wearing makeup for the first time. Throughout the hours of getting ready, she really enjoyed experimenting with her new makeup. When she arrived to the party feeling very confident, many of her friends passed judgement of her makeup. Bella tried to ignore the comments made at the party, but at the end it made her really upset. Valerie didn't know what was happening because she was busy with attending everyone at the party. But Bella at the end broke down and cried. Once her friends realized what they've done, they went to apologize to Bella. Bella realized that the pass judgement made towards her shouldn't stop her from having that confidence she had in the beginning.

Hey loves! Today I'll be sharing about the new Kat Von D liquid eyeliner. Now this eye liner is called "Tattoo" which gives me the impression that it's long lasting wear. This eyeliner has a superfine flexible brush tip for fluid, effortless and precise application. When I first applied the liquid eyeliner to my eyelid, I noticed how high-pigmented it really is. Once it was applied I went in and finished doing my wing eyeliner. This eyeliner really gives your eye definition to your eye and leaves you feeling confident on how straight your eyeliner comes out. The only bad thing is that after a month or two of this liquid eyeliner ink no longer flows out of the pen and dries up. Except, this eyeliner is at great use for only $20! So I would actually recommend this eyeliner for you ladies and really wear that eyeliner however you like!

How does makeup make you feel?


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