FIRST ADAGES HELPFUL sayings and mindsets for on-air talent during crisis broadcasts

Written and Produced by T.E.Ross,Jr.

New Orleans was blessed to have the staff and on-air talent of WWL that day and night and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's an enormous responsibility to talk people through that level of life or death crisis. It's an enormous burden to know that the more likely outcome is the worst one and on air, in a storm.

People rise to occasions... it's kinda what we do.

It's about keeping together the very reason we have fans...

Our wits.

This is us doing something.

A collection of digital assets and non-regional adages as we develop the initiative.

It is critical to categorize these as two different threats:

1) Lethal; Weather/Physical

These resources, local and Federal will be linked to from this page once and if this proposal is approved.

2) Non Lethal; Technical/Mental

To prove concept and for position only, the following assets are samples and initial templates.

Humor where appropriate.

Nobody doesn't like "Beaker"

Sarcasm with the right Listener Demographic is an excellent defense.

We've discovered that different regions of people calm each other down in different ways.

While there are collective sayings and frames of mind that we can all pretty much identify with, we are seeking local phrases that your listeners can use if needed.

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Disclosure-Specific Ideas

Off-Air "Talking Drills" for Talent

Own the Halloween Example.

An integrated campaign can be scaled across all formats educating listeners about the original hoax broadcast as a discussion topic and issue extrapolater.

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