Forge Laurie Halse Anderson

The overall location of my first part of my book is Albany. The book makes it seem Cold, and it makes me imagine cold days. As the reader, it makes me feel as if I'm with him in the book, because of all the details of the book.

Some specific locations are Curzons work, Curzons bosses house, the woods where he met Eben, and the army camp. At Curzons work, his boss is mean and didn't pay him. So, he went to his house and stole shoe buckles and silver spoons.

This novel takes place January 19, 1777, in winter during the Revolutionary Era. I imagine it with old weapons like muskets, swords, and so on. Not like how we have today like AK47s and Pistols. I can imagine it as a slow battle because after you shoot, you have to reload, which takes time, which we prolong the battle.

The geography started in a suburban area, but then moved to a more desolate area with trees and flatlands. The weather was cold, which made it hard for the main character. I imagine it as a very cold place, but in that cold, you have to work and fight.

The population was mostly empty, with the exception of soldiers and lieutenants. There were mostly farmers who had signed up for the army. It makes me feel lucky, because we didn't have to live in that time period where there was lots of violence and war within our own country.

One time stamp is the shoe buckle. In the beginning, Curzon steals a shoe buckle from his boss. People only used shoe buckles back in the day, and old people use them this day. Muskets are also a time stamp item. People don't use muskets anymore, but pistols and knives.

The overall mood is kind of harsh, because of the war. The war makes them work hard constantly, which makes them tired and depressed. The setting which is Cold, and makes it harder for them to work.

The time period which is the revolutionary era, makes it harder for the army to get around. It also makes it harder to get food because of rations. If it was this time period, they could be driving around or get food sent in from around the world, but in that time period, they didn't ave that kind of technology, so they had to walk and make rations.


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