Danny Thomas "show me my way in life and i will build you a shrine"

Thousands Of children Have been helped without the parents having to worry about their care

Stars donating their time to bring smiles to children that are sick Ms. Carrie Underwood put a smile on this little girls face!

Hundreds of telethons have been given to help aid research in finding cures to hel children people giving their time for another.

Santa Clause comes to the resue at St. Judes!!!!!

Never thought she would ever ride a bike charolotte age 5 thanks to the help of the hospital created by Mr. Thomas rides everyday.

Delta Airlines a big supporter of the foundation gives around $500,000 a year to help fight the diseases taking our childrens lives thank you DELTA AIRLINES!!!!!

The children love the dogs and all the animales that have came to help this is roscoe!!!

Volunteers from all walks of life are their for the children and their families Bill Morgan has been volunteering for 15 years a retired army veteren, giving his time once again for another american cause.

The Doctors that work for St. Jude are amazing donating much of their time to research trying to find cures for these children.

Danny Thomas accepting a Humanitarian Award 1989 for all his Contributions to the St. Jude Hospital he started.
Just one of many husgs to be given by Mr. Thomas!!
Danny Thomas with his daughter actress Marlo Thomas 1968 a happy little girl who appears to be a little shy.

Danny Thomas 01/06/1912 - 2/6/1991

Danny Thomas was born on January 6, 1912 As Amos Jacobs Kairouz. He came into the world to a a lebineese family poor 9 boys and 1 girl they still were happy and home filled with love.

Danny knew at an early age that he would become something great one day. His desire to become a Boy Scout would also become true ot even knowing that one day he would become a great sponser to the Scouts Of a America.

Learning all of the Boyscout information becoming a high Eagle Scout.

The new generation of young scouts never forgetiing the greatness and contributions of Danny Thomas.

The younger Years
" no child shall go unheard"

After graduating at the age of 18 in 1929 Danny would move on to a life long career of radio, television, films, and music.

At this time in his life he was married to his Wife Rose Marie Mantell Thomas and had three children, Tony, Marlo, and Thomas. His family in the hospital for their ill son Thomas danny did not know how he was going to get them out the cost 75 dollers had to be paid so he found himself in the blessed church and he prayed as he put his last 7 dollers in the collection plate" if you will help someday I will build you a shirine," and the next day he was offered a commercial that paid 75 dollers. True to his word Mr. Thomas would go on to build and formate the St. Jude foundation, the hospital was desighned for people all people no matter what their circumstances. The hospital has grown and keeps on researchers doing all they can to help sick children.

Thank you Danny Thomas

The end

Sherri L. Sullenger


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