When Can You Wear Your Running Shorts To Your Hot Yoga Class!

If fitness is your goal, then you certainly know how beneficial it can be to run every morning or to do some yoga postures. Yoga usually consists of three basic workouts involving the body, mind and breathing. Postures for body, pranayama for clearer breathing and meditation for a more focused mind – these are the disciplines followed in yoga. On the other hand, running is much easier and comes naturally to us yet it has multiple benefits just like yoga. This is why; many athletes mix these two exercises to achieve their fitness goals.

When it comes to wearing proper clothing, yoga and running clothes, especially the bottom wears have some differences as well as similarities. Usually, fitness freaks do not stick to a single workout. They love to bring variety in their workout routine by mixing running and yoga. So, do you have to purchase clothes separately for yoga and running? Nope! Here are the qualities your running shorts must have if you want to wear them to your yoga class.

The Shorts Must Be Short Enough:

Yes, yoga shorts are pretty short that only cover the buttocks and a little bit of your thighs while running shorts have varying length. But when you are choosing a running pants that you also want to wear in your yoga class, then you should make sure that the shorts are perfect to support your postures, not hinder them.

Your Running Shorts Should Be Tight Yet Flexible:

Running tights or compression pants might be great for running but since these aren’t flexible enough, you cannot wear a pair of compression running shorts to your yoga class. Therefore, you must choose body-hugging yet flexible shorts if you want to use them for both your running and yoga sessions. Yoga is all about flexibility. Whether it is doing different postures or sitting in one for a long time, all you need in your clothes is suppleness which will support all your movements. On the other hand, running doesn’t require much flexibility but strength. This is why, when you want to choose your running pants for your yoga classes, make sure those are flexible enough to support your postures.

Yoga Shorts Should Be Moisture Wicking:

Most running shorts are made with moisture wicking materials and hence those can be easily worn for the yoga classes. Hot yoga classes require you to wear moisture wicking clothes so that you don’t swim in the pool of sweat. It is really important to check whether you have chosen the right pair of pants for your yoga sessions.

So, no need to spend money on running shorts and yoga pants. By following the above tips you can easily use a pair of yoga shorts for your yoga sessions.

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