Matthew Flinders 1774-1814

Early Life

On March 16, 1774, in Donington, Lincolnshire, England, Matthew Flinders was born. He had a large family his family consisted of, His mom, Susannah, His father, Matthew, and his wife, Ann Chappelle, and much more. His father and mother didn't work, so Matthew Flinders had to start working at the age of 16. Before he was a Explorer, he was a Royal Navy ships officer, Navigator, hydrographer, and a scientist. As he got older he wanted to be an explorer. Years after, he proposed to Ann Chappelle. Then, he set on.


Matthew Flinders started his first circumnavigation of Australia, and he identified it as a contienet. He gave ideas to people of the name. Flinders got to name it, what it is today, Australia. Just a little bit after that, he got captured by the French on the island of Mauritus, in 1803-1810. They claimed that Flinders was a spy.

Years later...

Matthew FLinders got let out from the French. HE than met a man named, Cape Leewin and started navigating the Bight indephth of winter. He brought his ship safetly into port Jackson on June 9, 1803. As years started to pass, Matthew got a promotion to be a captain. He met George Bass and they both were the first Europeans to realize Tasmania was an island and they sailed around it.

  • April 8, Captain Nicolas Baudin and Flinders met in a location that he later named. Flinders went to England and Vessel needed urgent repairs at the Isle de France.

Flinders made 3 voyages starting in 1791-1810. He sailed around the Southern Ocean and founded, Australia. He founded the Bass Strait and named it after his very close friend, George Bass, but then it would later on be named, Flinders Island. Later on he proved to everyone that Australia wasn't a series of islands. He also tried to go back to England, but they told them he was exiled from England, because he was away for too long. He then figured away to get in. So then he went to London, England and when he got back, he resolved that Ann, his wife, was pregnant. They had a baby 9-10 months later and named her Anne.


Matthew flinders sadly died of his bad health. He died July 19, 1814, in London. He died at the age of 40. The cause was, that he had bad health. He had bad health since he was little, it got worse as he explored and went on sea. He started to get more sick and just came back home, and then sadly passed away, and found out in the morning

  • Born: March 16, 1774 in Donington, Linconshire, England.
  • Worked as a Royal Navy ships officer, Hydrographer, Navigator, and a Scientist, at the age of 16-21.
  • Married Ann Chappelle at the age of 27 and Ann was 31.
  • Identified australia was a contenet.
  • Captured from the French and claimed FLinders was a spy.
  • Met Cape lewin.
  • Promotion to be a Captain.
  • Circled around Tasmania and founded Tasmania.
  • Made his 3 voyages during 1810
  • Came back to England and he was exiled
  • Ann and Matthew had a baby girl, Anne
  • Matthew flinders died of his health, at the age of 40.

Character Traits

Matthew Flinders is very Determined. I think he is Determined because he thought that he wouldn't find anything if he became an explorer, but no matter what, he kept trying. It took a long time to find Australia, but he did it and kept going, as well as, his wife told him he should just stop but didn't stop. That's why I think Matthew Flinders was Determined.


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