Hurricane Katrina by me, MYSELF and I: Dance 100

Hurricane Katrina was................List facts/specifics. Be sure to include: DEFINITION, LOCATION (countries, states) and DATES (beginning, ending), EVENTS, FOLLOW UP. Description should be a minimum of 5 sentences, but can be more.

Hurricane Katrina is significant because...........1. Why is this an important/significant geographic element or event? (List all) 2. What emotions/feeling does your subject convey to you? (List all)

We are choosing to represent this part of the story/aftermath/recovery/person/feeling etc........ tell us what message/story/emotion will you/your group be telling as inspired by the natural disaster/geographic element or event?

The song we chose is....

We chose this song because...

Our ideal costume

Our ideal costume is....because...

What we will really wear is...

What we will wear

Our hair, makeup, or props are/would be...

Video Footage of Hurricane Katrina from National Geographic

The above pictures used a backgrounds and blended together is called a Gslide. Can add multiple photos and rearrange as needed.

Example: A different way to represent pictures and include text below it.
Example: Another way to represent pictures and include text below. Can add multiple pictures. Called a photo grid.

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