Education Administration Nicole Ure

An education administrator has many different daily tasks that they have to do a day. They have to make decisions and solve problems that may occur. They have to communicate with the different supervisors, peers, and subordinates. They have to be able to establish and maintain good relationships with people and schools. They have to provide kids with the help they need and try to make every one successful. They help kids from kindergarten clear up to college.

The average U.S wage is $21.96 hourly. They make about $90,410.00 yearly.

In order to be a education administrator you need to have a high school diploma or your GED. You must have at least a bachelors degree and have one to five years of experience in education. Most education administrators start out as teachers and then they work their way up.

A education administrator has to have many skills and abilities. They need to be able to express ideas clearly and neatly when speaking and writing. They need to use math skills to solve problems. They have to be able to identify a problem when it is hidden in distracting material. They have to mange their time wisely so that they can get all their stuff done. They have to check how welll one has done and if they need help then an education administrator is in charge of making that happen.

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