Just Keep Swimming! by skylar d.

Hello! Did you ever wonder about swimming? Well I did and now I swim and I love it. So I thought that I would talk about swimming. Here are some tips and tricks for swimming.

Where is a good suite?

Here are some necessities for swimming. one you need a cap especially if you are a girl. You need a cap to create less friction and the less friction you have the faster your time will be. Another thing you will need is a bathing suit preferably a tight one to create less friction. And you should have goggles and tighten them a lot. You don't want your goggles coming off while you're swimming trust me i have experience with this. And finally always have a water bottle because you want to be fully energized

Um... my suite ripped

Now you want to have a good suite because if you don't it will rip. So here are some suggestions. My favorite is the TYR brand. Also, get a team racing suite. The place that you swim at should have them on sale once a year. You can also find many other good racing suites in Olympia sport. Suites can be expensive but they're worth it.

here is a little fun fact the fastest time to swim a mile is 15:13:30 minutes.

Where is a pool

Well if you're even remotely instred in swimming then you're gonna need a pool! Now I recommend swimming for your local Y.M.C.A. or your school but if you want to swim competitive then the ymca is a great option. There are also many other places to swim.

I hope you enjoy swimming and i hope this article made it easier for you.

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