Should the south Bristol link be built? By Caylee, kai,jamie-leigh and jaydem wiliiams

Since the Bristol Council had the idea for the South Bristol Link road there have been discussions with local people about wether it should be built or not.

People have argued that the Link road should be built for many reasons. First, the new Link road would reduce the traffic in the local areas and reduce the risk of accidents caused by traffic. Furthermore, the Link road would be good for people using public transport because the travel time would be quicker and the cost could be reduced for everyone going into Bristol City Centre. Moreover, the road will create many jobs for the local people and area.

On the other hand, many local people do not want the road to be built. First, if the Link road is built it will reduce the local wildlife habitats and the animals would have to move to other areas because they could die. Secondly, more traffic using the Link road would cause more pollution in our countryside. Furthermore, the more traffic and higher speed limits would cause more accidents for people.

Only a fool would agree with not building the new South Bristol Link road as I believe that it would be better for all the local people and local businesses in our great city.


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