Cyber Bullying By the group called "Cyber Patrol"

Cyber bullying, it's a leading problem that lowers self-esteem.The thing about cyber bullying is that when someone bully's someone on the internet, the victim may turn into a bully and the cycle continues.Certain people like to bully other people on the internet because the victim can't do anything because that bully is behind the screen and you cant do anything to him or her.The bully also might be someone that was bullied and he/she might just be letting go of stress created by the other bully.There are many ways that even you could become a cyber bully.

A cyber bully victim crying over a text message

Many people that has been cyber bullied experience lower grades and they appear mad or angry after using a computer.Many consequences are fairly deadly because of cyber bullying like suicidal thoughts,perhaps homicide,etc.The victim also might go and try to find the bully.The victim also might hurt the cyber bully and that might create a flame war.There are infinite possibilities and consequences for cyber bullying.

a text sent from an anonymous user to this innocent bystander.

Cyber bullying can be cause by trolling. Trolling is when someone in a online chat or game, makes a post to deliberately upset someone else online.

A troll face

There are many ways to stop cyber bullying.On the internet,you can block or delete the person that was bullying you.If the other person comes back and starts to bully you again, you could report him or her to the game admin or just tell your parent or guardians.There are many ways to stop cyber bullying and you too could figure out a way to stop bullying.

A girl blocking a cyber bully

I am in a Anti cyber bullying group called Global Scholars. We believe in preventing cyber bullying and helping cyber bullied victims. The Cyber Patrol (a club that helps and gives advice to other cyber bully victims) is helping us hold an event about cyber bullying.

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Stop the cyber bullying!!!!!!!
Random happy face because he/she was freed from cyber bullying!!!!!
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