Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter 25th September 2020

Principal's Message

It was a wonderful Sports Carnival and the weather was absolutely perfect on the day. I am always proud of the sportsmanship and encouragement every student demonstrates on the day, across both schools.

Thank you to our parents and carers who helped out on the day in the tabloid events. I am certain everyone slept very well that night!

Our School Development Day is on 12th October and we are very excited to have our School Board members joining us on the day to help us develop our new School Business Plan and school priorities. If you are interested in joining our School Board, please feel free to have a chat with me at any time.

A reminder that our students start back in Term 4 on the 13th October and it is also the same day for our school photos. Please ensure your child comes to school in their school uniform.

It’s been a big, eventful term full of amazing student achievement, as you will read in the rest of the newsletter, so I wish all our families a wonderful, restful holiday break.

Kind regards,

Jodie Norwell


AEIIP Classroom News

We would like to give a big welcome to Muhilan who has joined our Kindy class part way through this term. Muhilan has settled in really well with the other students and it is good to see the rest of the children beginning to include Muhilan during play.

The staff were so excited when all the student's sang a full song together during our mat session for the first time. This is a goal we have been working towards since the beginning of the year so it was cause for celebration and what makes us even happier, it is becoming a more regular occurrence!

At the round table, the Kindy students have been learning about prepositions such as in, on, under, behind, in front and between. In the last few weeks, James, Miles, Levi and Muhilan made progress by following an instruction from the teacher using the preposition “in” with some toys. Damon and Frankie have been learning the preposition “behind” and are getting better at putting an item behind a specified toy.

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing you next term.

Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

The Pre-Primary students have had a very busy term learning a number of new skills as well as further developing skills already learned. During role play the students have been extending their skills during shopping by using a social script to help use appropriate language. For example, “Hello, how are you today”? The students have also been using a script for dress ups to help role play the characters they are dressed up as.

During play dough activities Akaran and Maaz have extended their play dough skills by working together as a team to make something together. They have made items such as a park and some food together.

A new skill the students have been working on this term is acting out familiar stories. The students have been acting out "We’re Going on a Bear Hunt" and "The Three Little Pigs." They take turns role playing different characters while using the classroom as their scene.

Well done Pre-Primary, super work this term andI hope you all enjoy your break. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

B9 Classroom News

It hardly seems possible but we are drawing to the end of Term 3 and it has been a sensational term for all of our children. Every child has made some progress in at least one area and it has been equally pleasing to see how happy they all are doing their work.

This has also been a term full of events that have given the children great new experiences. There was Edu Van, Sports Day and perhaps best of all the Infinite Limits Dance program. This has been the catalyst for many great things. Prior to each lesson the children all sit and wait patiently for the session to start. That in itself is a great testament to how far the children have progressed; waiting patiently. All children have learnt the routines and enjoy the songs and energy of this lesson. It is just a shame that thirty minutes does not seem long enough.

One of the other great things to happen this term is that some students are now engaging more during mat time. They are learning to copy many of the actions to the songs we watch and listen to every morning. Ekam, in particular, leads the way with this. He loves the songs and copies so many actions now.

A big thank you to all parents who helped out on Sports Day. It really helped us and I think it made the occasion all the more enjoyable for your children. There is always a lot of sitting and waiting during these days and that adds to the challenge that our children face. This was the first time the Pre-Primary children experienced the fun and excitement of a school sports day.

We all hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays and look forward to seeing you again in Term 4, our busiest term by far. Finally, as you are aware on the first two days of term we will be having the school photos. For the school photographs all children need to be in school uniform. Bob Beckman, Teacher.

H3 Classroom News

This term has zoomed by, with lots of things happening and lots of improvements in many areas.

The dance classes on Fridays have been a hoot! All students have been engaged in the movement activities and dance routines and they have really enjoyed the experience. We are all looking forward to next term’s dancing.

Congratulations to those who participated in the Sports Carnival. You did a great job when running and during the tabloid events.

A special mention for a few notable achievements … Alethial and Hussein for using more words, Ryan and Rayhan for improved use of their devices and Elexis for terrific tray work.

The staff of H3 wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday. Relax (like Sayfiyy in the hammock!), take care and we’ll see you all refreshed in Term 4. Darran Wilson & Rebecca Sullivan, Teachers.

H4 Classroom News

What a great term it has been with our students working so hard on their time goals during their Maths session . Our staff and students have also enjoyed tending to the garden with many of them working hard to keep the garden beds clean and watering the plants regularly. They were excited to harvest some carrots and the potatoes will be ready when they return from holidays which they intend to use in class cooking.

In other news, during Science and Art we have been looking at sorting basic materials such as wool, paper and plastic and making a choice of the textures and colours of materials to create artwork.

Miss Langridge and I would like to wish you all happy holidays and will see you when you return to school in Term 4. Tena Ring & Dana Langridge, Teachers

B1 Classroom News

What a great sports carnival we had on Friday. All our students ran incredibly well and competed in the team games for their factions. It really is remarkable how a bit of competition and encouragement from their peers can spur everyone into action. Well done to everyone!

If you happen to wander into B1 in the next day or so, don’t be alarmed by the huge paper figures towering over the class. We spent the whole of a maths lesson drawing the outline of our bodies, measuring various parts before decorating the figures. It was great to see that all the characters had massive smiles on their faces, not sure about some of the wardrobe choices though! Neil Rose, Teacher.

Heroes Academy

Infinite Limits