Teaching young people about creativity and productivity A story told by Florin coman, one of the youth workers who participated in the skill it for youth international training (poland, 2019)

I work every day with the 15 teenagers that participated in the Skill IT for Youth workshops I conducted back home, in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), but still they managed to surprise me. I could not believe how pleased and involved the teenagers were in the activities!

My aim was to give them basic understanding on creativity and show them how they can practice their creativity mind, but also to raise awareness on the power of planning in any work they do, in order to increase their productivity.

How did I work with the young people?

In the two workshops I conducted, I used materials from the Skill IT for Youth Training Toolkit, such as:

- The Ramp of Improvement workshop scenario, which aims to improve both productivity and problem solving skills of the young people. Plan, Do, Check and Act game, with the decks of cards, was really appreciated by the young people. However, because I did not allocate enough time for it, as suggested in the toolkit, I felt I needed to rush a bit the activity. I recommend all of you to follow the guidelines from the training toolkit in running your workshops! :)
- The Taking a Creativity Trip! workshop scenario, which aims to teach young people about how creativity works and about creativity principles. Definitely, the teenagers liked to use the Texting Story app and develop together a fictional story!

What did I learn from the workshops experience?

I enjoyed working through these workshops with the young people. What I learned is that they are very creative and productive if they have the environment to manifest and some tools they like. The feedback I received from them was very good. I was very impressed. They wrote their feedback on post-its, sharing that they had a good time, learned new things and that they want more workshops like these. My heart melted when I read on one post-it: “We love all the workshops run by Florin”. I was so happy!

Florin Coman works as a pedagogue at the youth community center - Clujul Are Suflet, from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Florin works everyday with young people (16-20 years old) from low-income families or marginalized communities. He participated in the Skill IT for Youth Training Course (Poland, 2019), sent by Fundatia Danis, Romanian partner of the Skill IT for Youth project.

Read more about Skill IT for Youth Training Course organized in Poland in the spring of 2019, or check the website of the Skill IT for Youth Project for educational resources in the field of digital youth work.


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