Mamawin's Pharmacy

Liberia and the Five P's.

Place: Liberia is located on the West Coast of Africa. It has a very rugged coastline and is very hot and humid in climate. Beside it being a dry season for most of year, rainfall happens rarely but when it does, it floods most of the farms, houses, and towns. This ruins all of their hard work. Most of the people in Liberia are farmers. Since they only farm for their families, so very little food goes to the people living in the city.

Politics: Liberia’s head of government is its president. It has a government very similar to the US’s government. Presidents have 6 years terms while senators have 9 year terms. It's economy is based off of agriculture and mining.

Past: Freed slaves from America settled with their families in Liberia. Liberia was founded, established, colonized, and controlled by united Citizens and former Caribbean slaves and it was used as a place for African American slaves. While the people in the United States are fighting in the Cold War people in Liberia is fighting their Civil War. Liberia's independence is on July 26, they gained their independence in 1847. The North Atlantic Ocean touches on of the sides along Liberia.

Women influencing wanting of the Civil War between Sierra Leone and Liberia.

People: There was a civil war against Sierra Leone that affects many people in Liberia today. Most of the people in Liberia are from African ethnic groups. Indigenous Africans make 95 percent of the African population. Many of the Liberian population are unemployed. Large families are common within this country. A large amount of women are forced to move from urban areas to rural areas to farm for money. They are in a state of poverty because they have had a civil war against Sierra Leone, causing most of the population to be forced into labor. In rural areas, people usually live in houses made of mud.

Peace: The people in Liberia had a lot of wars against a lot of countries. One of their first wars the Liberian people fought in was their Civil War, this Civil War began in the late 1986. Liberia also fought a war against Sierra Leone. Overall Liberia fought in 3 wars.

Which P affected Liberia's poverty the most?

Past was the sign of poverty that affected Liberia the most. Since Liberia’s Civil War. Since the war started, the population has decreased in mostly men. Because the men are dying, this is leaving women to work and not be able to take care their children. The women might be making enough so the children have to be taken out of school and to work in the fields.

Why is Mamawin a good candidate?

Mamawin is a good candidate becuase the money we would give her will go to buying medicine for the people in Liberia. The money will help Mamawin's business and help the people in Liberia to get better so they can go help and support their families.

Above is Mamawin in her pharmacy

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