Ecuador Evelyn, ViVIANA, mADI AND jAZMIN

About Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador is a city named Quito.
Three big cities of ecuador are Guayaquil, Quito, and Cuenca.
The day they celebrate their independence is the 10th of August. They one their independence in the year of 1809. Important people apart of the independence where Simon Bolivar and Eugenio Espejo.
The flag is red, yellow, and blue. Yellow is for the federation, red indicates courage, and blue is for the independence of Spain.
A unique plate is fanesca and it has pumpkin, beans, corn, peas, and boiled eggs. It is eaten for Easter.
Ecuador has a republic government
Ecuador's populations is 16,080,778.
Ecuador's currency is now the United States dollar
Roman Catholic is their main religion
Ethnicity in Ecuador is divided into many categories. Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) 71.9% Montubio 7.4% Amerindian 7% white 6.1%
An important holiday is el dia de los difuntos and people in Ecuador make bread babies to represent the dead. They celebrate the dead and bring flowers and food to the cemetery.


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