Digital Citizenship Profile Julia olsoe :: Innovative Instruction

Essential Question One: What is your current personal profile regarding digital citizenship?

The idea of digital citizenship is something that I did not concern myself with as a child in elementary school. During my school days, online platforms were still a novelty. Today the story is completely different! Digital citizenship is an important 21st century skill that will allow our students to thrive in today's modern society. I feel that being a good digital citizen should be integrated into a school's curriculum just as strong character traits are. Both students and adults interact on online platforms so often that digital citizenship is not something that can be ignored. By teaching our children to be good digital citizens we are, in turn, teaching them how to stay safe on the internet, respect the rights and privacy of others, and use platforms in a professional manner.

Essential Question Two: Based on your work in this course, how has or hasn't your personal profile changed regarding digital citizenship?

Throughout this course, my personal profile regarding digital citizenship has not changed, but my feelings about digital citizenship have gotten stronger and more focused. Prior to my research on this topic, I did not realize that digital citizenship is such an important aspect of technology use in the classroom. Before a student can create, design, research, and interact on a platform, they must understand what it means to be a good digital citizen. Not only do children need to understand the attributes of digital citizenship, but they need to actively practice these assets while using an online platform. After my research, I have a more accurate idea of what it means to be a good digital citizen. Digital citizenship is not just talking kindly to others online, but it is also about guarding your own privacy, respecting the rights of other users, learning how to properly site sources, and understanding how to be a cautious and informed consumer. Digital citizenship will continue to be a necessary skill for our students and it is something that will allow them to have the most productive and beneficial online experiences.

Essential Question Three: How will your current personal profile affect your classroom instruction?

I plan to integrate digital citizenship skills into my classroom each and every time we use an online platform. I think students need to understand the value of digital citizenship. By working digital citizenship attributes into my lessons, students will be well equipped with the soft skills needed to thrive in this modern society. Once digital citizenship is a normal part of the classroom, I will be able to integrate amazing things into my lessons! I plan to make online collaborations with both peers and outside experts regular aspects of my lessons. Reaching beyond the classroom and interacting with experts is possible with technology. By integrating safe technology use into my classroom, students will be able to build their problem solving skills, logic, and reasoning skills. Proper use of technology can lead to an increase in creativity, communication, and collaboration. Understanding digital citizenship opens so many doors for our students! I will do my best to use technology to create differentiated instruction and personalize learning for each student. Using technology is a great way to help students reach their full potential find enjoyment in learning new concepts. My goal as an educator is to create lifelong learners and this process can be aided by using technology and instilling digital citizenship in my students.


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