There is a mirror. But it's not the law. or the Generalised Other. Neither is it your 'try harder self.' The Mirror is Jesus and the power to be you is Jesus.


The true you is the self who emerges in union with our Father. The false self is the construction that is built on the premises of Adam. You have a life in God and a life in religion. Your life in God is who you are in spirit and in truth. Your life in anything else is who you are in the ambit of the father of lies. There is a Father of Life and a father of lies.

The Who of You in realtionship with God

The real self is the real us that has discarded the Adamic life to come absorbed and resurrected into the Jesus life. The new self is you as an expression of Christ, you are a manifestation of our Father as a son. The real self is you out of the tomb of the knowledge of good and evil and into the sunlight of the Spirit of sonship.


The new covenant is Christ in you and as you.

The anointing and the gifts of the Spirit are not a replacement for being born again. They are the fruit of your rootedness in God - the result of the fact that you and our Father are one.

Richard Rohr observes, “I promise you that the discovery of your True Self will feel like a thousand pounds of weight have fallen from your back. You will no longer have to build, protect, or promote any idealised self image. Living in the True Self is quite simply a much happier existence, even though we never live there a full twenty-four hours a day. But you henceforth have it as a place to always go back to. You have finally discovered the alternative to your False Self. You are like Jacob awakening from sleep and joining the chorus of mystics in every age. “You were here all along, and I never knew it!”” (1)

Waking up after hibernation

Many Believers have never been born again although they think they have. They think the new birth is the start of a new moral life. It’s not that. Not at the start. The new birth is the start of Christ as you. Jesus as the expression of Bill and George is the fruits of the Spirit. They are the result of Christ as you. Never the something you are doing to earn acceptance with God. You are already accepted and already belong.

Awaking to your real self


Christ your life is not about a Christian agenda for your life. This is the start of Jesus manifestation as you. It's called life in the Spirit. In the Spirit of who? In the Spirit of Jesus. It's Christ come in your flesh. Incarnation is as incarnation does.

Christ does not obliterate your life. He does not dissolve you into a holy Joe. He gives you yourself.

Christ in you and with you

Born again you will become who you truly are. You will be fully human and fully alive because the Resurrection will be in you in person. But more than bring forensically righteous you will be authentically you. Increasingly so.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.

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