DENZEL by denzel johnson

Red, the one word i could use to sum up the beginning of my misfortune. From happiness to anxiety, from from fighting for my title to fighting for my life. Adrenaline flowing through my veins as i scan the crimson colored horror scene that surrounded my feet. The look of sheer horror on my brothers face. And the slow transition from color to black and white, and then to black.

The trampoline, one of the only child hood items that I never got tired of. The split second moments of being suspended in the air,being able to scan the yard from a new angle. My brother on the other hand loved to ruin my fun. Bouncing me in the air and laughing as I fell and hurt myself on the trampoline. But when we had our trademark “ I bet you can't do this” competitions, I was the one laughing because I was the one who could do crazy flips.

We were pretty competitive, we tried to outdo each other by doing tricks and flips the other couldn't do. Even though I had mastered almost all the tricks you could do on a trampoline, he still made it interesting. During one of our outdoor competitions , my brother got the idea to lock me outside. Because he knew that if he couldn't beat me outside, he would beat me inside. As I leaped into the air to perform my trademark backflip, pounced off of the trampoline like a lion on its prey, and sprinted towards the door.

My cheerful childish mood came to a screeching halt, as I realized the predicament I was now in. A childhood fear of mine to be left alone outside, mainly because I had seen those horror movies where the person that wandered away from the crowd, or was alone, was the one who died first. I sprinted towards the door with lightning strike speed. The ominous looking , burgundy hued door laughed in my face as I pressed on it realizing it was locked from the inside.


“HAHAHA, you scared”, my brother chuckled knowing that I was



WHAT, I screamed

Desperately pounding on the door, I tried to force my way pass the joker faced slab of wood denying me sanctuary. After realizing that I was doing nothing, I shifted my focus from the wood to the glass windows at the top. My hand was sore, so I used my elbow instead. 1 HIT, 2 HITS, “CRACK”, my elbow plunged through the window. I quickly yanked it out to asses the situation. The glass shards plummeted to the ground simultaneously as the stream of crimson colored blood excretion from my elbow. It didn't take long for my brother to realize what I had done. And it didn't take long for me to crash onto the blood soaked pool of blood that just came from my open gash. This was the beginning of my soon to come injuries do to irrational fears.

According to Behind the name; Denzel is a masculine name with and english origin.the name denzel was made popular by the famous actor denzel washington. In Greek, denzel means; Fine wine lover, in African american culture The name means wild one. In english is a place near cornwall, and in Welsh; high stronghold. My middle name, Hayden; means either “hay valley” or “ hay hill” derived from from old english heg “hay” and denu “valley” or dun “hill”. And my last name, Johnson; literally means son of john in old english. And in hebrew it means God's grace. The average Life expectancy for people with the last name johnson is around 77 years old since 1961, according to Immigration skyrocketed in 1881 with approximately 1400 johnson's. Farming jobs are popular amongst 1880s johnsons. I think that names are a huge part of peoples personalities. Unique name could represent outgoing personalities. And small more common name could represent average, everyday people.

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