Animation 2017 T.S ELIOT


“The journey, Not the destination matters..."

Type of Animation

My animation will be a traditional stop motion animation. I am planning on to use common everyday household item, more specifically, balls. I will use a variety of balls for my animation. Whether it be basketballs, ping-pong balls, or even footballs, I plan to include them in my Animation.


The plot of my animation is fairly simple. It will follow the day in a life of a basketball. It will show the basketball waking up, showering, and heading out for the day. When the basketball gets into downtown (AKA, the basement), the basketball sees a ping-pong ball crying. The basketball then gets an idea. The basketball helps the ping-pong ball get on top of the basketball net, making the ping-pong ball happy and stops the crying. The final scene shows the basketball and the ping-pong ball becoming best friends



Storyboard page #1
Storyboard page #2

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