Go Kart Project Brian Dennis

Problem Statement

We must research, design, and build a Go Kart that is powered by a drill. This Go Kart must be able to complete three courses. A speed/acceleration course, a handling/control course, and an endurance/efficiency. We will have two marking periods to complete this project. Our budget for this project is 25 dollars.


  • 18V Drill Must be able to detach & attach quickly
  • 1 Sheet of 3/4" Plywood
  • Miscellaneous Hardware
  • Wood Glue

Additional Materials Available by Order - $25 Budget

  • Item name & item number
  • Quantity & Cost per unit
  • Aisle & Bay location within store
  • Class Date needed (1 week advanced notice)

Outside Materials

  • Wheels (required)
  • Chain (optional)
  • Gears (optional)


This image is an early representation on how we will power our Go Kart using a bike chain.
This image gives an idea of how we are going to attach the bike chain to the rear axle.


1st Rough Sketch
1st Rough Sketch for Gear System
2nd Design Sketch
Individual Onshape Part
Full Assembly of our Go Kart in Onshape
Putting the Frame Together
Completed Frame

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