Genetically Modified Cattle By: tariana green

Chinese scientists generate dairy cows that are genetically engineered with genes from human beings to produce milk that would be the same as human breast milk.
In 1990, the worlds first transgenic bull was developed. Early in the embryo stage Herman, the bull, was genetically in a laboratory Gen Pharm International. Scientists micro-injected cells with the human gene coding for lactoferrin. This was done to breed and produce more cattle quickly.


  1. Will produce more food and much faster
  2. Will conserve water, soil, and energy
  3. Can be produced in heat, cold, or drought


  1. Hasn't been tested for long-term effects on humans
  2. May not make a profit due to citizens demanding to know what's being put into their food
  3. May cause controversy because of personal morals and values
I highly disagree with the process of genetically modifying our food and organisms. I think it's inhumane of us to consume something that may have had human genes injected into it. I don't think it's safe enough or morally acceptable.


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