To Kill a Mocking Bird Jenna lund

Scene 1: Miss Caroline gives money to a Cunningham

Perspective: Walter Cunningham Jr.

I leave my dirty poor house everyday thinking about what I would do if I just had five more dollars everyday. Living with no money is very hard, but my family works hard to earn money. We don't want special treatment from the county, unlike the Ewells. Every time I look at a Ewell I am just disgusted. At lunch today Miss Caroline, my teacher offered to give me lunch money, but I couldn't accept. They way she looked me when I said that, made me want to run out the school and cry. I'm not made of money, it's not my fault. Scout told her I was a Cunningham and that I won't accept money that I cannot pay back, which I would never be able to pay her back. Miss Caroline just did not understand, and she made my day worse than it could have been.

Scene 2: The Boo Radley Summer Game

Perspective: Boo Radley

I see them everyday outside my house, like I'm celebrity. Although the truth is, I'm the farthest from any celebrity. I wonder why they always come to my house, and I have feeling it is because they want me to come outside. But what they don't know is that the world out there is contagious and I have no desire to be out there. The world is contagious of hatred and social rankings, I'm probably at the bottom of the ranking because I stabbed father, but do I care? Also, they think that I have to be outside to catch up and know everything that is going on. Although the truth is, I know everything because I watch. Sitting inside everyday I learn about people by just their expressions, and they way they react to things. I know that Jem is an adventurous boy, who takes good care of his sister, and Scout, well she an unusual little girl. She reminds of a tomboy, and she also likes to adventure with Jem. She seems very loving and helpful to anyone. I would save those kids in one heart beat, just one. The way they both look life is amazing and sometimes I want to go outside but others will think of badly. Because I'm Boo Radley.

Scene 3: Tom Robinson is Guilty

Perspective: Atticus

I don't understand, obviously Tom is innocent. So what he's African American, but he's also human. I tried so hard, and I am very proud of the work I put in. But at the same time I feel like I lost, and that this is my fault. I just had a feeling he would be guilty because this town can't see what is inside of a person, they only see their color. Not to mention, they jury did not even look at Tom when they came back in, and that was my first clue that I knew that they were against him. Tom did nothing wrong, and society is too childish to see past that. I feel like no one has courage in this town, well except for a few, but a few is not good enough. It's time that this town stops being racist, and starts loving people for who they are. Sometimes, I don't even want to live in a town like this, a town where you get judged everyday. Everyday I look at Jem and Scout and they teach my something new, and they inspire me to be a good father everyday. I just hope that this trial still makes them think that I am still a strong and loving person. Tom deserve's to be going home to his family, not to jail.

Scene 4: The Attack of Bob Ewell

Perspective: Boo Radley

Halloween never really was my favorite holiday, I actually get scared really easily. Especially this Halloween I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, but I can't grasp it. If anything bad happens tonight it will defiantly be with Bob, I mean he did say that he wanted revenge on the town. He sure is one sick person, convicting Tom of something that he didn't even do because of his skin. He might be the one of the poorest people in the town with 8 kids, and he buys alcohol with his money. That guy has nerve and if he ever tries touching me I will end him. I keep hearing screams and I can't tell if that's just kids fooling around, or, but wait who's outside this late at night. It's Bob, that drunk man can't stay in his house for one day. These kids mean everything to me, even though they don't know that but they are actually my world. After that it was a blur, I really only remember picking up Jem from the ground and carrying him to Atticus. If any man disgust me in the world it would be Bob Ewell, but I guess we don't have to worry about him anymore. To be honest, I don't even feel bad, he deserved it and he was asking for it. I'm happy that both kids are okay and I was finally in a room alone with Jem and Scout, and I was the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. It felt like my life was complete.


The purpose of this assignment was to do what Atticus told Scout to do, put ourselves in someone else's shoes. If we never look at something from a different perspective then we will never actually get the focus of it. Until we know what is happening in someone else's life we can't make consumption's about them. If we judge a book by it's cover than we would be hypocritical to the amount of times we have said to others. Maybe Boo Radley has been the whole story, been watching over the kids to make sure they were safe, and until we put ourselves in his shoes, we would never know why. From this assignment I learned that everyone's life is different, no one life the exact same. Therefore no one thinks the exact same, so without knowing who the person actually is, and seeing what they go through on a daily basis, we truly do not know much about our peers.

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