Civil War Technology and Northern Advantages By luke davis and joey rist

Northern medical things

Northern advantage

The north had better medical equipment compared to the south. That means that the survival rates were higher. Compared to the south and their tech was more advanced technology.

Northern swords

Northern advantage

The north had more technology than the south because the north had more industrial places. So they have the newest technology. It is like California of today, a bunch of people who like their tech and don't think of the consequences of how they got the tech.


Northern advantage

The north had a better navy compared to the south. The north used ironclad which were big iron boats that could destroy most ships.

Freed slaves regiment

Northern advantage

The belief that the slaves weren't human was a double edged sword. Because the white owners didn't think that their slaves could fight thus resulting in less forces than the south.

This mortar Used as a raiding tool against the southern areas.


Trains, they did everything, they took soldiers north or south. They food could be shipped even faster. Along with information about the enemy. They were so big in the winning of the war someone wrote a song about a train doing the civil war that was stolen and destroyed called THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE.

Southern version of a submarine


War on the sea wasn't all the north the south had some technological and could take on the northern ships

West Point

Technology, Photograph

Photograph were essential to the war for both sides. They were used to show enemy positions and get enemy weapons.

Used to look at enemy positions

Technology hot air balloon.

Hot air balloons were used the same way photos were. But this is how they took the photos of the enemy from the safety of the hot air balloon.

Union and confederate handguns


Revolvers were used by the officers in the civil war. They were productive because now they officers have six shots instead of one.



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