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Oil brings money to the region.

Crude oil makes the region better and more valuable. Oil did improve the conditions of areas. It improved poor areas that were by providing them with money for resources. A study was performed in 2002 by the United Nations stating that life expectancy has increased by 15 years and the infant mortality rate have dropped by two-thirds. Selling oil has improved the education for many in these areas. Bahrain is a country that doesn’t have a lot of oil or a high GDP but invests its wealth into education and health care. Southwest region has gained more value by having great wealth from oil but gained less value from it than areas like Bahrain which used their small oil money for health care and education.


There are many different ways that people can adapt to the saharan climate.

A way that they adapt is they wear long and thin robes. The purpose of the robes area that they cover one's body from the sun while being well ventilated for air to pass through. Another way that they adapt to the climate in the Sahara is they select an area to settle. When they select an area they look for an oasis opposed to ergs and regs because they have water and resource for planting cash crops and other things. Even though that people adapt to the Sahara, that doesn’t mean that it is easy. They have to find areas to settle that have recourse to live, they have to find a way to get water and goods, and they have to overcome the sweltering heat that comes in the Sahara.

Government tells people what to do and it is necessary because if it didn’t exist, anarchy would take its place and that would be bad. Without government people would not have responsibilities to fulfill, such as taxes. There would be no governing body to outline what is right and wrong. Without government you would not even have basic human rights. Government creates rights through the Constitution and without it no one has the right to anything. Without government simple expectations like clean water and basic currency would not be accessible. There would be war over lack of resources and leaders would not be elected to protect them from attack. So in conclusion government is necessary to enforce laws, and keep people safe.

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