TakeACTION - June 2018 Bible Camp Builds Leaders

By Cohle Bergen, Director of Midway Bible Camp

Bible Camp is Not Just for Kids

Rosie's Story

We all had a strong suspicion that Rosie* was going to turn out to be a great leader. She was just a young believer that first summer she volunteered. What she may have lacked in her knowledge of the Bible, she made up for with her servant’s heart and her teachable spirit.

Her own life experiences helped her relate to many of the campers. When they shared stories of hard times and struggles, she understood all too well, and knew which stories from the Bible with which they would most connect.

Rosie served at the camp for several summers before moving on to find more permanent work. We saw her grow stronger in her faith because of her time serving at Midway Bible Camp (MBC). By the time she left, she was better equipped to face the world.

*Rosie's story is representative of many volunteers at Midway Bible Camp.

More Than Just a summer Camp

One of the first things I quickly came to realize after becoming involved in Christian camping ministry is that Bible camp is not just for kids. We certainly give our energy to minister the gospel to the kids that come for a week during the summer. But here at MBC, the training up of leaders has become an important part of the summer, and increasingly integral to year-round programs, like our Serving and Leadership Training (SALT).

After SALT was launched it quickly grew into a weekly discipleship-focused youth group that meets throughout the year in the communities of Thompson, Nelson House, and Split Lake. Through the SALT program, we dedicate time and resources to training and building up young people, and investing in their spiritual lives. Many will come and volunteer at camp during the summer, then go on to jobs elsewhere. But the time, energy and prayers that we pour into the lives of these young Christians often yields enormous returns well beyond their time at camp.

Midway Bible Camp is making an impact for the gospel in the remote, northern regions of Manitoba. In order for the ministry to continue to accommodate summer campers and staff safely and comfortably, there are ongoing needs for building maintenance and accommodations. By simply having safe, comfortable and sturdy facilities to house our campers and staff, we’re able to not only ensure that they have an enjoyable camping experience but also be freed from ongoing logistical concerns in order to focus our time on building relationships, discipling and growing those leaders.

The purpose of MBC is more than simply having a summer Bible camp experience for kids. Our desire is to grow Christian leaders in the North. Supporting and praying for this ministry is an investment in the lives of young Christians who go on to be salt and light in their own communities.

Would you consider giving to the ongoing needs at Midway Bible Camp and help us build up Christian leaders in the North?

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