Vietnam The last stop

Arriving in Vietnam we were interested to see how much it has changed since our last visit a decade ago. And with our month-long apartment stay in Nha Trang it was going to be a great transition from nomad to putting down roots again.

When we landed in Da Nang it was raining and 10 degrees cooler than any day we had so far in Asia. As we had sent all our winter gear home from the UK I immediately went and purchased a coat thus guaranteeing that the temps would not fall below 28C again for the rest of the trip.

The Dragon Bridge was the centre of Da Nang's Tet celebrations (Chinese New Year) and at night the gardens and displays were crowded with families.

I even found a dark angel

Next we made the 45 minute taxi-ride down to the ancient city of Hoi An.

With a fantastic blend of Chinese, French & Japanese architecture it truly is a magical town.

One of the 1st things to take your breath away occurs at dusk when the sky darkens and the thousands of lanterns that adorn the streets, buildings and bridges illuminate.

Background this with the wonderful textures of the bamboo and plaster from the buildings and you have an environment where the thousands of visitors are wandering around with smiles all the time endlessly trying to capture it all on their phones.

Believe it or not this bridge is also open to motorcycle traffic and they don't slow down for tourists!

Also at Dusk you will see the many (mainly old ladies) candle vendors who line the river selling candles to the visitors who then float them down the river, which I assume is some kind of blessing/memorial thing.

It all makes for a lovely scene.

Debbie taking a bow in front of the Japanese Bridge.

By contrast Nha Trang is a bustling modern city as you can see here from our apartment.

Once Deb's brother Robert and his wife Viv joined us we started with a street food tour where we got to taste some local delicacies.

Ban Xeo quickly became our favourite

Then our cooking class started with a shop through the markets.

Occasionally Deb had to take a break from asian cuisine and indulge in 'real' food.

My favourite outing was a photography tour that started out early visiting some of the local craft shops...

...before moving onto the fishing docks....

...and ending in a sunset photoshoot at the salt fields.

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