The Fourth Amendment

The forth Amendment guarantees that it protects people from unlawful searches and seizures. This means that the police can't search you or your house without a warrant or probable cause.

Throughout 2010-2017 there have been cases of which this Amendment doesn't work. For example on April 27, 2015 Dennys Rodriguez was pulled over for driving onto a median, the officer gave him a warning ticket, but then the cop asked to do a vehicle search. Rodriguez refused, but was ordered to get out of his car while the officer search the car using a canine dog. The dog found methamphetamine, and the two people in the car were arrested. The charges were dropped because the officer violated Mr. Rodriguez rights. This violets the 4th Amendment because the cop never had a reason to search Mr. Rodriguez car which is unlawful. (Butts, Charlie). There have been many cases like this, the fourth Amendment is literally words on a piece of paper which means we need not only the police officers to there job but the court system as well.

This shows the number of people being stopped by the OPD, as you can see there is an significant number of minorities being searched while being pulled over. This does not mean that every time a minority gets pulled over and searched it's unlawful but the data does show there are more minorities then white people getting pulled over and searched. The fourth Amendment is to stop unlawful search and seizure which it kinda does but it does not stop against racial profiling.

The fourth amendment is important because it sets some type of structure that doesn't allow you to be discriminated against by you're skin color, religion, or believes. This Amendment really gives the U.S citizen their right to drive without being searched all the time, to walk down a street without getting stopped by an officer , and living in you're home without being searched.

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