Shooting star E-textile bracelet Kaylee Fiocca


In this project we sewed LED lights, 3 volt batteries, battery holders, and buttons onto pieces of felt that were fit for our wrists. In this project there were certain guidelines that you had to follow for the lights to work.


  • Anchor the thread from the opposite side of the Battery and the holder.
  • Don't let the thread touch because it is conductive, and if positive and negative electron flows are touching, it will not work.
  • Make sure your snaps line up because the bracelet will not clip onto your wrist otherwise.


  • Felt
  • One 3 Volt Battery
  • One Battery Holder
  • Two LED Lights
  • Two Sets of Snaps

Original design

Originally my circuit design only had one LED light, the positive thread was threaded at the top of the star where the plus signs are located. The negative thread is at the bottom of the star where the minus signs are located, here it is:

Modified design

Since I had some extra time, I decided to add an extra light, below is my second and final circuit design:

Here is a video of my finished E-Textile Bracelet.

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