Robert Mapplethorpe Katelyn Hepinger

Robert Mapplethorpe was born November 4, 1946. He lived in Floral Park, New York, U.S. Mappethorpe died in Boston, Massachusets, on March 9, 1946

Mapplethorpe's type of photography consisted of portraits, flowers, statuary, and self portraits.

Mapplethorpe uses a lot of black and white photography in many of his photographs.

He also used color polaroids, photogravures, platinum prints on paper and linen, cibachrome and dye transfer color prints.

Mapplethorpe worked with many galleries and magazines.

Mapplethorpe used a polaroid camera. Later he acquired a Hasselblad medium-format camera.

Mapplethorpe often uses dark backlighting, making the main subject have the most light. He also would use lighting in the whole photo, sometimes using black and white. He uses this because it makes his photos look rich and aesthetically pleasing, therfore he likes this type of work.

In Mapplethorpe's earlier years he enrolled at Pratt Institute, where he studied drawing, painting, and sculpture. He was influenced by artists such as Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp. He also experimented with various material in mixed media collages, including images cut from books and magazines. After this Mapplethorpe gets into photography.

I chose this photographer because it says he takes photos of flowers, which I love. I like Mapplethorpe's photography because he uses a dark background and the main subject is bright and colorful.


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