A New Husband For Christmas a christmas wish for new love

Based on the Stageplay - "Marriage Works, If, You Work It" By: Kyria M. Williams

Genre: Faith-Based Comedy; Rated PG Portrayal of Alcohol Paraphernalia

Run Time: 103 Minutes

Written By: Kyria M. Williams

Directed By: Derrick Mullen

Produced By: LeConte (Trey) Williams

Cinematography: Derrick Mullen

Production Company: KMW Productions, LLC in Association with Mullen Group Productions

Edited By: Mullen Group Productions

Casting By: KMW Productions and TGriff Productions


Centered around one couple (Stan and Kelly Stevenson) who seem to be more committed to growing apart rather than growing together. Their friends are caught in the middle of divorce conversations during one of the most joyous seasons of the year. Rather than working things out, Kelly's one wish for Christmas is for a "NEW" husband.


Keyona Bledsoe as Kelly

Freddie T. Cole Jr. as Stan

Tamika Foggie as Julie

Benjamin J. Jones as James

Kennetha Paris as Susan

Titus Reed as Scott

Michaela E. West as Candace

Julius M. Young Jr. as Henry

Kanisha Gross as Ebony

Jeremiah Thames as Antwon

Tabatha Sinkfield as Tosha

Bruce Carlton Cunningham Jr. as Donte

Moi Burns as Renee

Kenny "K-9" Hamilton as Rick

Izabel Gray as Mary

LaDarryon "LB" Brown as Steve

Kim Harvey as Mrs. Anderson

Tamara Glenn as Minister Nordon

Stanley Prince as Gary

Dee Marie as Herself

Leander Beatty Jr. as Dad

Dawn Richards as Mom

Featured Extras

Charlena T. Watson

Trevaughn Latimer

Sha'Kyra Gregory

Tanya Harvey

Dr. Isaac Butler

Shemeicka Green

Marquita Chapman

Lauren Cowan

Duane Cowsette Jr.

Krista Banks

Shonda Young

ShaKauna Mangum

Nettie Kelley

Kawana Waddell

Aaron Waddell

~ The Gift of Friendship Is The Best Christmas Present ~

Director's Statement

The experience I'm most looking to convey with “A New Husband for Christmas” is that of Marriages and Relationships. The relationships we share while being married and how we relate with one another in our circle of friends. While this film has comedy and drama, it’s about friendships, change, and how deeply funny life can be in its most serious moments. While this story is specific to how we change from being one with the world and becoming transformed in Christ, I wanted viewers to connect with each character and feel a sense of hope, no matter what your walk may be currently in Christ. I still consider myself a novice in the film industry since this is my sophomore project, but I never take the approach of this as a “small” film, and definitely not even an “indie” film. I’ve been waiting to tell a story like this one, so I wanted it to be bighearted, for a broad audience, progressive and funny, and like most holiday films – deeply wanting to connect with people.

Prior to shooting this film, Kyria and I were already planning to make “Moving Forward” (which is another stage play written by Kyria) as our second project. This would’ve been our first drama centered genre film. However, after seeing the stage play “Marriage Works, If, You Work it”, and the dynamics in it, we agreed that adapting it into a film would be a great follow up from “The Wake Up Call”. Thus, "A New Husband for Christmas" was birth. I’m just excited to continue doing what God has gifted me to do as he ministers to me and through me.

~ Derrick Mullen ~



Written By: Kyria M. Williams

Directed By: Derrick Mullen

1st Assistant Director: Kyria M. Williams

2nd Assistant Director: Kennetha Paris

Executive Producer(s): LeConte "Trey" Williams, Kyria Williams, Derrick Mullen

Casting By: KMW Productions, LLC and TGriff Productions

Edited By: Mullen Group Productions

Set Designer: Trina's Decor and More

Production Assistant: Kawana Waddell

Craft Services: Donna Givens and Kendra Wilkins

Cinematographer: Derrick Mullen

Production Sound Mixer: Le'Conte (Trey) Williams

1st Assistant Camera: LeConte "Trey" Williams

2nd Assistant Camera: Toran Price

Behind the Scenes Camera: Shalese Johnson

Music Supervision: LeConte "Trey" Williams and Derrick Mullen

Wardrobe Stylist: Kawana Waddell

Key Makeup Artist: Nicole Powell

Makeup Artist(s): Bosalyn Goss, Danysha Greenlee, Kendress Hughes

Script Supervisor(s): Kyria Williams and Kennetha Paris

Extras Coordinator: TaJuanna Henderson

Location Manager: Kyria M. Williams

Location Assistant: Kennetha Paris

Production Manager: Trina Nelson

Set Manager: Kennetha Paris

Set Assistants: Mona Hayes, Krista Banks, Shonda Young

Boom Mic Operator: Le'Conte (Trey) Williams & Toran Price

Gaffer: Derrick Mullen & Toran Price

Prayer Warrior(s): Tawanda Gilliam and TaJuanna Henderson






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Twitter: @kmwproductions

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