South Carolina Palmetto State - By: Tevazia W.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina (SC)— One of the greatest coasts in SC. This is a place to come and relax with your family while you watch the sunset . Charleston has many places, activities to discover and have fun at ; an example would be downtown Charleston, where there's much action and entertainment !

What would I do here ?

  • I would go through Fort Sumter National Monument to discover how deadly the war of Fort Sumter was.
  • Visit the Charleston's Museum and check out the variety of things that seems satisfying ; ( there are many subjects you can learn from visiting this museum if with kids ) !
  • Also trying out the room escapes to find yourself stuck in a room and sequentially find your way out.

Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has some of the greatest military & air force bases and still may have some of the greatest military & air force bases to be prepared for war and an attack. Myrtle Beach has been one of the greatest coasts to visit by tourists because of the many places to visit within it ; it has the beach to visit while on a vacation , to relax and watch waves go by or go in it , and also the buildings to visit with activities and to explore , like the Ferris wheel nearby the beach. It has the movies to go to , but different theaters to go to based on the surroundings that you would like. Also has museums and buildings to visit to learn about the history of Myrtle Beach and how wars were caused and what gave it , its name.

What would I do here ?

  • I would go to a golf course and maybe play golf with family to have fun. There are very different ways to play golf and putt putt !!
  • Maybe go to Ripley's Aquarium where there are many fish to discover and activities to do with them.
  • Maybe the MarshWalk and take a long walk with a entire group and explore things are important in certain areas of the journey.

Beaufort , South Carolina

Beaufort , South Carolina is has some of the most beautiful roads and alleys in the state. Beaufort is a city on Port Royal Island, one of South Carolina’s coastal Sea Islands. It’s known for its antebellum mansions, especially in the downtown historic district. A notable example is the John Mark Verdier House Museum, an early-1800's Federal-style mansion, with period furniture and exhibits on area history.

What would I do here ?

  • I would visit or go to a factory tour and see what the workers did back then to make cloth , thread , etc. It has many things to explore because there were many important things the workers had to do to create certain things.
  • Visit the Hunted Island State Park to see if it was really creepy like people would say after visiting it. Many people also say that it was a graveyard and it was haunted by the people that were in that area.
  • Also Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center. It is a museum/aquarium like building to go to and learn about the history of Beaufort and what objects had to do with it. They have animals and fish inside the building that gives it a better viewing and detail.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is part of the Lowcountry region in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It's known for Atlantic Ocean beaches and golf courses. The Harbour Town Lighthouse and Museum marks the southwest tip. The Coastal Discovery Museum features heritage buildings, trees and themed gardens.

What would I do here ?

  • Hilton Head would be interesting to discover because of its lighthouse ( The lighthouse has been open to the public since 1970, when its construction was completed, and you can visit it any day of the week between 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. It costs $3.75 per person to climb to the top of the lighthouse. ) , that has a great impact on the town and many people visit discover how its made ; and its museum that has various things to check out , that were in the war.
  • It's very classic so maybe visit stores that has antiques because it has a lot of things war that could cost over thousands of dollars and maybe millions.
  • I would also try to see if there were any boats that you could get on and explore what might be inside that the people used back then to sail.


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