"Here for a more perfect life"-Prius. Like our mission statement says, we believe in a more perfect life. We achieve this by doing these things.

Community Rules 1. No unreasonably punishments 2. No war or crime 3. No violence or killing 4. No jobless people 5. No jealousy 6. No racism 7. No popularity 8. No unnecessary lies 9. No unreasonable power to the government 9. Obey the laws.

A day in Prius would go somewhat like like this. You wake up and eat your morning meal with your family, then you go to school or work. Around noon you will have a midday break where you get some free time and where you eat your midday meal. then you will finish school or work and go home. when you get home you eat your evening meal, then you have free time for the rest of the night. Free time can be spent working or studying (when necessary), hanging out with your friends, spending time with your families, doing donuts in your Prius, etc. Then there is time to sleep, which is optional, but highly recommended. Prius community's will be located all through out Utah. Because we want our members to be able to experience all that the world has to offer, and most of that can be found in Utah.

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