Natural Disaster:Avalanche Zadia MAZ

Identify the effects of an avalanche and explore how this may be managed

Avalanches can block the road which are close to mountain so then the cars or any vehicle can't drive through the avalanche because the avalanche is to hard to drive through because snow is a solid. A powerful avalanche can destroy houses and buildings and it can affect the nature as well. Like the forest, it can affect the habitats of animals .

Identify appropriate safety procedures for an avalanche

Step 1: Know the avalanche types- Loose dry avalanche, Airborne powder avalanches, Wet avalanches, Ice avalanches, Cornice collapse Step 2: Read the avalanche saftey instructions. Step 3: Recognsie the nature's warning of an avalanche. Step 4: Shut down all windows and doors and stay inside your house. If you are on a mountain you need to dig out ahole in the ground, put your bag in teh hole and dig more. cover up the hole and when the avalanche is gone dig out the hole again.

Deeper research of an avalanche

An avalanche is a moutain full of snow that falls at a dangerous speed. It occurs when a block of snow gets detached from the moutain and falls really fast. An avalanche has killed more than 150 people each year. It can last for a few seconds to several minutes. It can fall when lots of noise or even shouting is made. An avalanche is very powerful and it destroys anything in it's path.

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