Early Puberty By alexander aguinaga


Early puberty can be bad for certain reasons like irregular developments and unusual looks.

Why I chose this subject.

I chose it because I fell like my brother can be going through early puberty it looks like he had a mustache growing and I wanted to learn about it. I also want to see if I can help my sister not get early puberty.

what is early puberty?

Early puberty is when the brain tells the body it is time to go tryough puberty but you are still you are still a young child.

Early puberty is more common in girls than males .

Causes of early puberty.

There are are many causes but obesity is the main one . The rise in obesity rates has doubled over there is last 10 years. Obesity can make a lot of hormones and the body thinks that if there is a a lot of hormones then it's time for puberty. One other thing is soy. Soy can produce estrogen. A lot of estrogen can trigger puberty. Many foods have soy in them. Even babie fourmula has soy that's many many small kids have signs of puberty. Another thing is beauty products.

What are negatives effects of early puberty.

Early puberty can cause bullying. It can cause bullying because if kids see a girl there age with Brests then they will feel uncomfortable and tell that girl to leave them alone and also they will be mean to her. Another negative thing is depression. Depression can happen because of bullying if the kid gets bullied to much then the kid will feel sad and get depressed because no one what's to be there friend. The last one is height. If a kid goes through puberty early then they won't have time to go. They won't have time to grow because of puberty and once puberty happens it tells the body to stop growing.

What have scientists done to prevent it?

Scientists made a drug called Lupron. Lupron is a drug that releases hormones in the body so the kids have time to grow taller. It has many side effects though. It has led older woman that have taken it to have chronic back pain and led to loss of teeth. Scientists have also made sure parents know what is happening and how they can prevent it.

How can we help fight

First of all we should all watch what we eat and also tell our parents what they can do to help. Another thing we ca do is exercise. If we can exercise than we can have a healthy body. We can also read the labels on makeup products and other facial products because some chemicals In the products can cause hormone distribution.

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