My APG Journal Class may 2017

week 1: This is the first "real" day of my class. I missed the live session this week because of the unexpected guests. So, here we are. Need to watch the live session recording, but other than that the homework is done. The instructional video was challenging enough (at times too fast!) but I enjoyed the dive right into tutorial. I am trying to compare Premiere Pro to more familiar tools like Camtasia and iMovie.

week 2: it was not my first time experimenting with thematic video. I tried the same thing with iMovie. I found it more interesting because this way I create a story. I tell it on my own rules and in my own words. This time, the escalating did not really work because I use a video as a timeline presentation - the shots were built one by one as if there is a time passing by. I do not think escalation is appropriate for all the video types. I had a small trouble during the process - the videos did not export appropriately, only the audio was exporting to the timeline. A little googling helped me to troubleshoot it. Also, I am not completely satisfied with the text editor for titles - there is no resizing function to fit the screen. I would prefer transitions for video and audio were laid out in a different, more intuitive way. Also, I do not like that I cannot insert a video clip into sequence by simply drugging it between the shoots, I need to drug the whole sequence back and force for that. Here is my homework assignment (I recorded my daughter getting ready for school on Monday morning):

week 3: Conversations appeared to be more difficult than I thought! First of all, I've made a mistake while shooting - I did not move the camera along the 180 line at all.. it stayed in the same place. Next time I will not do that. Second, I did not have time to reshoot, it so I used the existing footage and simply zoomed in when I had to have only one person at a time... The resolution suffered. Still, practicing those skills and revealing the mistakes helped me a lot! Next time I will be definitely smarter. Here is the result:

week 4: working on motion video was truly exciting! I did not realize before how much preparation it requires. I will not watch the movies I used before ever again. For the 20 sec video it did not take too long and I did not put much time into preparation. Nevertheless, I am pretty satisfied with the flow and the emotion of the video. Can't wait for your feedback! (P.S. this is my dad, and his very casual movements while reading/deciding to take a break. He is not tired, just decided to go out to smoke :))

week 5: I can't believe it is already the last week of the class! I learned so much, and at the same time, as it usually happens, now I see how much I still need to learn. I enjoyed the most the mix of software skills and video shooting techniques. In week 5, I realized that a good instructional video requires a thorough planning, either in my head or on a piece of paper. I still need to learn a lot about Adobe Premiere Pro, but this course gave me a good base to start wondering on my own. This week video is not the best I am capable of, so I would not say I am proud of it. I just tried to compile the bunch of techniques in one sequence. Next time I will be more careful about the flow and the visual appearance of my work.

final reflection: I enrolled in this course accidentally by recommendation of my co-worker. I gained so much I could not imagine. First, I liked the mix of hard and soft skills presented in the course. Second, it was challenging enough so I had to do my own search and learn something I did not catch up with on my own. I really liked it! Usually, I am a fast learner and easily get bored, but this course kept me toned. I am not a teacher, I am an Instructional Designer. In the nearest future, I will be looking for my first job in this field, and I am glad I can add some experience in video production and editing. I hope to be helpful for others seeking this knowledge and I will make sure to keep developing in this direction. Thank you!

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Halyna Sukhomlyna

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