Feudalism in the Middle Ages By: Sam Burton

Feudalism: system of government in which there are different social classes and each one has to serve the ones above it.

Manor: a plot of land given to the Lord where the different serfs and the knights live and work.

People who lived on the Manor: The Lord, Knights and soldiers, and serfs.

How are society groups interdependent: Everyone needs the serfs and knights to farm ad protect. The serfs need the knights and Lord for protection and the land, or Manor. The Knights need the surfs for food and the Lord for land. The Lord needs serfs for food and Knights for protection. The king needs serfs for food and Noblemen for Knights.

How the Feudal system affects politics: There is not much politics because of the feudal system. The people are born into the positions that they are. When they are in one class, they can not change their class regardless of their wants.

How the Feudal system affects social structure: the social structure is revolved on the interdependence of the different classes. If one class fails or collapses, the entire social structure will collapse.

How the Feudal structure affects the economy: The Feudal system affects the economy because if one class does not do their job, the entire economy collapses. With no serfs, there is not food that can be easily gathered. With no knights, there is not protection from foreign invasion. Wit no lords, there is no land for the serfs to work. With no king, there is no real government.

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