Venturing Through Raid 5

These past two weeks have been fun, frustrating, and everything in between while working with Minecraft. As the semester is coming to a close, and I have become more familiar with Minecraft, I find that some of the tasks that used to seem impossible have become relatively easy, though there are still aspects of Minecraft that tend to drive me up the wall. Since Minecraft is not an optional component of this course, I have decided that I need to learn to work with it and there are two things I have come to realize. One, you must be flexible with the game, the chances of me messing up and having to restart seem to be fairly high. Two, creativity is key; the more you play around with different textures and colors, the better the build will look.

During the raid 5 build, I became pretty frustrated and actually scrapped my whole build and started in a brand new world with nothing but a mountain; I don’t think you can get much more flexible than that. Being flexible means that you are able to adapt to a situation that may not be going as well or as planned as you expected it to. When I play Minecraft and I start to build a new structure, I never really plan it out on paper, I just start building and go with it. Maybe this is part of my problem with having to restart my builds, but I don’t think planning is worth it. As you begin to build, things will change; maybe for the better or maybe for the worse but it is all part of the process. I feel like if you have a plan drawn out, you may be hesitant to change things up and move away from it and your build may never reach its full potential. Aside from the actual sanctuary I had built for raid 5, there was also the video I had to make, and this video was probably the most frustrating part of the entire raid.

When I finally finished my build I had the perfect idea for the video. I didn’t want to just show off my sanctuary, I wanted to give a little background information too. The Wicked Witch of the West’s castle is never really shown, so to allow people to realize who this sanctuary belongs to, I wanted to start my video out on the yellow brick road and then pan west to the witch’s castle. I had built my yellow brick road only to find out that I had to pan to the south to see the castle. When this first happened I almost scratched the idea of the yellow brick road because there was no way I was going to rebuild the sanctuary so it lies in the west. After a little thinking I was able to adapt to the situation; I moved the yellow brick road to a different area and adjusted the staircase and before I knew it the sun was setting behind her castle. You can tell just from my experience with raid 5 that flexibility within Minecraft is extremely important; you really can’t use the game unless you are able to be flexible with it. Although being flexible is a key aspect of the game, there is nothing more important than being creative when it comes to Minecraft.

If you play in Creative Mode on Minecraft there really are no limitations to what you can build. You are given all the blocks that they offer you in your version and you have an endless supply. For the raid 5 sanctuary I didn’t use many different blocks because I was trying to build a dark castle. I mainly used stone bricks but to add color to the build I made the floor out of blocks of emerald because the Wicked Witch of the West is green. Though this build may have been a little boring with the color aspect, there are other builds that I have done and seen that use a broad range of building materials. For instance, I am working on the flatiron building for my historical building build and I have already used at least six different blocks, ranging from carpet to mushroom to sandstone. Being able to be creative and design what you think will look the best is one of the best aspects of Minecraft in my opinion.

As I progress within Minecraft in these final weeks of the semester, I will keep in mind that it is alright to mess up and restart. More importantly though, I will be as creative as I can in order for my build to reach its full potential.

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