Chickens By: HAtteras welker

I chose chickens for my topic. My family has around 40 chickens. I read this book because I love chickens and I want to learn more about how to take care of them. I checked out my books at the library and when I opened them I thought they were very interesting. The first book was set up in a cause and effect pattern so that was interesting. The second book was set up like color and different patterns so it intrigued me.

This is a summary or wrap - up of my book. My topic is about the interesting life of chickens. One main idea of my books are that they should always have food and water because they can’t survive long without water. They can survive a pretty long time without food though. Another main idea of my books are that the coop should always be clean, for our health and they chickens. They can get many diseases from mud/poop or the coop being wet and so can we. That was the main points of my book.

I have a chicken like this.

This is what I thought of my books. I thought my books were very intriguing, effective, and powerful. The strong points of my books were about the coop being clean, protection, and food and water. The author did achieve their purpose because I learned over 10 new things. I was changed as a learner by using what I learned in real life.

I get blue, tan, white, and dark brown eggs.

I thought the books I read were very good and fit their purpose. I authors did the layout of the book good because it made me want to read them more. Like one book had it in a cause/effect layout and the other was very bright/colorful. You should read these books if you just got chickens or you just want to learn about chickens because the books are very easy to read for a beginner.

I thought both of my books fit the purpose and vividly describe what owning a chicken was like. The beginning care of chicks to chickens.


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