February SOL News and Information

December and January assessments went well for students.

Spring Benchmarks begin soon. Please touch base with Van Hoffman if you have any concerns or questions about the benchmarks.

Seniors are working hard to finish up the verified credits that are still needed. Please encourage all students to focus on passing SOLs. Please encourage seniors to attend after school sessions prior to April.

Many plans are underway for our 45 day plan. More news will be announced by the Administrative team soon.

Practice Writing for the March Writing SOL Test. All 10th grade students will be taking their Writing SOL during the week of March 19-23. Please encourage students to practice their writing skills in your classes during February. This is a great time for short essay assignments. More information is provided below.


The more students are exposed to writing the better they will become in the art of writing. As a school, we can all help students grow as writers.

The VDOE has provided samples of the writing prompts that students will receive on their SOL test. A printable PDF of all the writing prompts is available using the link below.

Do you want to challenge your students in your classroom but were not too sure how to get started? The VDOE has provided the Annenberg Foundation link that offers many professional development activities and videos to strengthen writing in all disciplines. Members of our English department would be happy to provide feedback as well.

March 8th 2017: SOL Proctor/Examiner Training

Upcoming March Events:

  • Spring Benchmarks (2/27-3/14)
  • March 8th Proctor/Examiner Training at 2:45 - 3:00 pm in the Lecture Hall. All English teachers for 10th grade students must attend.
  • March 13-Seniors take Writing SOL (MC)
  • March 14-Seniors take Writing SOL (Short Paper)
  • March 15- Half day for Students
  • March 16-Professional Development (Students do not attend)
  • March 20 - 10th Grade Writing SOL Multiple Choice
  • March 21 - 10th Grade Writing SOL Short Paper
  • March 22 - Make-up Multiple Choice
  • March 23 - Make-up Short Paper
Spring is on the Way!!!!!!
Looking ahead:

Following Spring Break we will begin the review sessions and testing for any senior in need of verified credits.

Please see the attached calendar in order to prepare students.

As we prepare for the SOL please make sure that students are award of all the review opportunties we have at Glass. Please share the attached Review calendar.

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